The economic, employment and business value of advertising

A comprehensive report examining the value of advertising to the Australian economy, and how it can be used by business and government to achieve strategic objectives.

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The advertising industry contributes a substantial $53bn in value to economic growth. Driving competition and innovation, advertising has the power to improve market efficiency and deliver direct price benefits to consumers. It generates growth across sectors and creates valuable employment opportunities.

What’s in the Full Report


The value of advertising to the economy

  • How advertising delivers economic benefits
  • The econometric analysis
  • Costs of advertising


Employment impact of advertising

  • Direct and supply chain employment
  • Advertising-supported industries and occupations


Advertising impact on business success

  • Role of advertising in corporate strategy
  • Advertising as an investment in brand
  • Social benefits of advertising

Key Findings

Watch our short video for the report’s key findings and highlights.


Growth in Economic Impact


Growth in advertising’s economic contribution since the first edition of Advertising Pays.


Growth in advertising’s economic contribution since the first edition of Advertising Pays.

Economic Value

Economic impact on GDP

Advertising contributes $53 billion (or 2.1%) of GDP.

Spent on advertising

$17.7 billion spent on advertising in Australia in 2022.

Increase in impact


Increase in economic impact since 2014.

Employment Impact


244,841 2021 vs 200,000+ in 2015.

Employment Impact

Direct and indirect

Number of direct and indirect roles advertising employs.

People employed in
direct roles

People directly employed in advertising since 2021.

Growth vs labour

Growth in advertising vs broader labour market, since 2015.

Growth in Business Value


Growth in value of the top 100 brands in Australia over eight years.


Growth in value of the top 100 brands in Australia over eight years.

Consumers and the Community

Contribution to public infrastructure


Advertising industry contribution to public infrastructure build/maintenance.

Improved living

Advertising industry contribution to improved living standards for average Australian.

Importance of social/environmental issues


Australians wanting business leaders to take a public stand on social/environment issues.

Advertising Pays Toolkit

The Advertising Pays toolkit includes the infographic and social tiles covering key themes and findings as well as an animated and static email signature banner for you to use and share.

Advertising Pays infographic

All the key themes and stats on one page

About the Commissioning Bodies

This report was jointly commissioned by:

Advertising Council Australia (ACA)

We foster the long-term prosperity and diversity of the advertising industry by demonstrating value, developing people and championing creativity.

​​The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA)

We exist to promote and advance all forms of advertising & marketing in Australia that delivers value for brands, the community and the economy.

​​The Media Federation of Australia (MFA)

We are an alliance of media agencies that represent the common interests of our industry and exist to champion a dynamic and valued media industry.

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